As cousins who wanted to connect the shores of our ancestors, Mejt and Teresa kept looking and looking for online connections that would one day bring us together as family.   Through one unique message sent on Facebook, Mejt sought to ask one question: “Dear Teresa, We are searching for Axel Larsson Bångs relatives. He…

Denver, Colorado

Our trip to Denver was to celebrate the marriage of our son Austin, and his beautiful wife Amanda.  We were so excited to witness the union of this amazing dynamic dual! Austin is such a people person with career goals of becoming a medical doctor. Amanda will be graduating in 2017 with her teaching degree…

Now Hiring

Creating a virtual office of women who work together is an art.  I am looking for positive, persevering women who have it in their veins to build, create and see the big picture. Our field is on all social media platforms.  Our business is fitness.  The time commitment is part-time (PT) or full-time (FT).  Training is…


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