Fit Business

Simply stated “Earning a living, by exercising everyday, & helping others make better eating choices”  We become a product of the product then testify of our successes or failures.

Our Coach Life
How do we do what we do…

We are men & women who simply want to be fit ourselves then one day we meet someone who tells us just how to do it quick and easy, after we get started and begin working on ourselves, we are told we could earn an income helping others do exactly what we are doing.  Then before you know it, we are hooked!

Do it  ~  Be it  ~  Live it  ~  Love it!” Teresa A. Chapman

The proven success formula consists of proven exercise programs that include a meal plan, recipes, and various timed routines, manageable by all levels of fit seekers, additionally and to greatly compliment this workout program, we offer our product Shakeology as a post workout nutrition or meal replacement.  Shakeology was designed to provide each person enough nutrients to nourish each of the 11 systems the body.  Our CEO Carl Daikeler likes to look at Shakeology has his replacement to eating vegetables.  Yet, as a company, Shakeology’s motto “Acts like a salad, but tastes like dessert” is right on, I have not yet tasted a product on the market today that comes close to this.  Their research & development has paid off well.

In return for our hard work finding you, running Challenge Groups, individual coaching, we earn a 25% commission for each Challenge pack, Workout, or Shakeology sold that helps someone else lose weight, consume a nutrient dense beverage to round out their nutrition needs, obtain support or is seeking to just get a boost of energy to their day.  Ironically enough, “when I drink their Vegan Chocolate version and  follow any number of the 30 day recipes offered to shake things up, I literally feel as if I am “happier”. Go figure!  I even seem to get more done in a day.  When I work out day after day, my body is capable of enduring the limits I try to push on myself. What can I say, it works and I plan on sticking with it.”

Behind the scenes we have greater earning potential as we work our businesses.  That alone is nothing short of “Amazing”!

Old Typewriter plain white
Our Virtual Office

Technology today has provided us social media to get the word out which is essentially how our parent company Beachbody has established its strong online presence in so many homes.  Extensive public advertising is continuously provided by Beachbody for all coaches to help strengthen all independent coaching businesses, & for product awareness in strengthening their branding.

As coaches we conduct business through our friendships in life and social media.  Careful to never come across as “salesy”, no one likes that, not even us.  When you help someone feel better, and offer a them healthier options, people generally are glad you took the time to tell them.   In our busy world we are so inandated by the pressures of life, that we all need a little chill time, fight stress through thinking better, exercising and eating healthier. Coaches do provide that.

Challenge Groups
A way to interact daily with your participants, providing the convenience of recipes, meal plans, exercise, motivation, accountability, support.

As coaches you have the option to follow the prepared challenge group outlines provided by Team Beachbody  or create your own spin on things making it even more fun and exciting to achieve success.


Challenge groups run anywhere from a 3-days to 30 days.  Then start over or advance onto the next level of fitness in the same group.  Typically we run these in a closed group on Facebook.  As of February 2016, the newly released “My Challenge Tracker” app was provided as a quick way for all participants to check in, be updated, motivated and be accountable on your phone.  Personally, I love it.

Challenge Group Ideas

Ideas for the Challenges are all over the board ranging from weekend cleanses with our product 3-Day Refresh, 21-Day Fix including color coded meal planning process to ensure success, 30 day workout programs for each workout routine, seasonal before or after challenges, you name it, if you can dream it and others are interested, your good to go!

Planning Power
Success lies in the planning

Everyday our routines include:
Personal Development

Then we attend to our groups, help our new coaches, create new material to post. Being organized with your time is essential to not losing valuable time each day provides, letting you move on with other plans you have for your day.

So there you have it!

What would you like to do?

I would love to become your coach and help you achieve your desired fitness level.  I would also love being your upline coach, and welcome you into the largest team in Beachbody!

Teresa A. Chapman