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Meet Teresa

3 words that describe Teresa are:
Diehard ~ Honest ~ Trustworthy

Teresa comes from Swedish ancestors & pioneer stock.  She is a woman who has worked hard in everything she does.  She grew up in a family where money was not given freely, they had to work especially hard for it.   Things seem no different today, those hard working work ethics are still apart of her core as who she is today.

Her husband, Alan is and always has been her first priority.  Teresa says “Marriage to me is worth every ounce of love, protection and nurturing.  In fact, my husband and I work side by side, together and apart.  We seem to have an intuition for each others needs, wants and dreams.  It seems that no matter where he may be for work, if I really need him, he instinctively calls or sends a text.  I love that about our marriage.   I miss him when he is not around, but I love it when he’s gone to, there is a part of being woman that loves that renewal process.”

Mother of four children, tho’ 10 pregnancies.  It was through being brave that she says she has gotten through it.  She can remember being on the table, in an ultrasound, where the news of “your fetus no longer has a heartbeat” broke her heart into a thousand pieces and getting through the sadness, regrouping and accepting the loss, receiving priesthood blessings from her husband and understanding that is was possible that her unborn baby wasn’t ready to come to earth nor healthy enough to live any further.  Today those 4 beautiful children – two sons and two daughters, are teenagers and married adults.  Each have talents, goals, & dreams of which they bless our life with everyday.  She is extremely proud of each of them, who they have become and who they will continue to be.    Teresa recalls her early years in raising them, how she tried to make every teaching moment count and prepare them  for all that would come in their adult years ahead, she gave them all that she is, and all that she has learned.   Good health is very much apart of their family values, as is having the teachings of Jesus Christ as the core to their foundation, together they travel the world, work hard and play.   Teresa knows the foundation to a happy life it a happy wife and her husband, Alan is the strength, & complimentary balance of it all.

Teresa’s Experience

Teresa’s professional background is in dentistry.  She was a surgical chairside assistant for more than 15 years.  She worked in the fields of general dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics & pedodontics.   Her professional skills once recruited her to work for a celebrity dentist in Frankfurt, Germany.  Today she is retired from dentistry and has chosen to help others rebuild their health in todays electronic world.     From teaching her family how to live healthy and avoid seasonal illnesses, to outside her home in sharing her tricks and tips with others.  With today fast paced & ever changing technology she has opened her own business showing others ways to  improve their diet, and how to increase their ever decreasing muscle mass to fighting illness, free-radicals and their effects on our entire body, inside and out.  Her understanding of health at the cellular level is a big benefit to seeing how the core problems that arise in health can decrease with the right improvements in a persons life.   Teresa has made it her mission to help others understand what this means, in simple terms, along with how to feel good with overall better energy, health and longevity.      In her home they are always blending or juicing up some nutritious mix of fresh produce or cutting up a young whole coconut.      Places of employment have included, dental offices, organic grocery store, starting a holistic health care center, & starting my own company so she can be at home for her daughters when they are home.

Teresa’s Family
Meet my family: Top left to the right – Austin, Kayla (Ryan’s daughter) Ryan (with his beautiful wife, Rebecca), KellyAnne.  Center: Amanda (Austin’s wife) Front Row or Bottom left – Teresa & her husband Alan, Ryan’s son David and our daughter Katie.


Ryan & Austin are currently attending BYU & BYU-I.  Rebecca is a Music Professor at University of Utah. My husband Alan, loves his leadership role as a Lean Manufacturing Expert, training & writing material for the Danish  company he works for in all levels of management.

Teresa’s First Transformation

Trust is often build upon experiences of ones self and sometimes off the testimony of others.   Teresa lost her first 25 pounds though alkalizing and reading every book having to deal with the pH Miracle theory.  She felt that when you seek out of the best books you see things you never saw before.  She followed it and easily lost her weight.   As she puts it “It was quick and easy.  It worked!”   Working hard to look fantastic is every woman’s dream for her self and her husband!

Before Teresa After

Since 2012, She has experienced a huge move, starting over in a new state, 2 weddings, 2 new grand-babies,  Austin snapping his right leg 2015 by skiing, trips to Utah, Arizona, Arkansas, WDW Paris, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden & living in Finland for 1.5 months, living in Denmark for 3 months.

“I have established & founded my own company, and I am proud of it!”
Teresa A. Chapman“.

The services I provide as coach are as follows:
1.  Although my coaching fees are “free” my program to produce results does cost you in commitment and product.    This covers my time in your behalf & ensures best results.
2. One private chat session with me, to learn more about you as you share your health & wellness concerns & goals.
3. I provide small private accountability support groups, who must participate as outlined.
4. I provide 30 days of proven recipes, meal planning.  Vegan meals are also provided.
5. Opportunity to enter an annual contest to win reward money for your weight loss.

There you have it.  Simple.

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Teresa A. Chapman